Comprehensive specialty care for gastrointestinal problems.

For all your gastrointestinalhealth concerns, trust Gastrointestinal Associated Specialists in North Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. James Walden, Jr. and Dr. Gregory Schnell have extensive experience treating all types of gastrointestinal disorders. To learn more about the services provided, please click on the links below.

  • Gas, bloating, nausea & vomiting
  • Abdominal & noncardiac chest pain
  • Heartburn & acid reflux
  • Esophageal disorders & difficulty swallowing
  • Intestinal problems, colon disease & irregular bowel habits
  • Liver diseases & disorders
  • Gallbladder, biliary & pancreatic problems
  • Loss of appetite, fatigue & unexplained weight loss
  • Anemia, malabsorption & celiac disease
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Rectal bleeding & hemorrhoids

Complete services & advanced methods.

  • Colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer
  • Endoscopy, enteroscopy & capsule endoscopy
  • pH monitoring
  • Esophageal manometry
  • Endoscopic esophageal dilatation & ligation
  • Argon plasma coagulation for polyps & AVMs
  • Fibroscan of Liver
  • Pharmacologic management & infusion therapy

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Schnell or Dr. Walden, please call our office at (816) 527-0031 or use our online Patient Portal. For additional information on any condition, treatment or procedure, please visit our Health Education Library.

Gastrointestinal Associated Specialists
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